Best things about 2013. My children’s accomplishments, but especially that they both had happy and fulfilling years in their distinctive ways. Successful first and final years at University. Old and new friendships. Nature versus nurture – continues to be an interesting proposition. They are both so different!

The introduction of Otto into our house.

Gorgeous dog. He’s brought a lot of happiness into our lives. Full of character, curious and affectionate. Also helping me keep up my fitness regime. Work was good. Interesting and challenging things to do and colleagues including (maybe especially) bosses who value your contribution are the two essential ingredients for that I think. And I had both in 2013.

Fourth great thing about the year was seeing my fourth Ring Cycle. About which I have blogged (extensively – and often carpingly). Here is my final summing up. The whole experience included some frivolity – especially our adult dress up dinner party featuring Wagner’s favourite dishes. The sorrel soup was wonderful. Here we are as Wotan and Brunnhilde (in full voice).

 Mum turned 89 and we celebrated in Argyle Street for the last time as Terry sold the house he and I bought 33 years ago. A fine house – witness to many a grand time.


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