During our short stay in Sydney in January we stayed with friends in Drummoyne. Its on the flight path and the noise from the planes is pretty incredible although I suppose you get used to it. We don’t have anything like it in Melbourne. They were pretty constant overhead when we went for a walk alongside Iron Cove near where we were staying.

This is part of the Parramatta River catchment in the municipality of Canada Bay and it’s very pretty. Lots of boats moored and tinnies pulled up on the bank, presumably to get to and fro.

Looking the other way you can see the city, and even the Harbour Bridge if you look very closely.

Like lots of other people we were walking a dog, Cleo. Here she is.

One day we walked from Drummoyne to Birchgrove. This is a view from the Iron Bridge, with Birkenhead Point on our left. It was an overcast day, but very hot and humid.

And this is the view from Balmain Point; lots of boats bobbing on the water.

It was Australia Day and there was lots of activity on the harbour.

Including this vintage boat bedecked with flags.

And this one under sail.

On our way back, along Louisa Road, which we are told is one of the most desirable addresses in Sydney because you get views of the harbour on both sides, we caught a glimpse of the Harbour Bridge over some tennis courts. Its certainly a landmark.

Further on we admired these trees near the Dawn Fraser swimming pool.

Next day we went to the Botanical Gardens. Not off the beaten track I guess, but I’ve never been there. It was very hot, but this magnolia grandiflora didn’t mind (nor the bees). This beautiful yellow hibiscus flower seemed to be revelling in the heat.

These gardens have lots more tropical plants than Melbourne’s, like this exotic Atherton’s fig, a rainforest tree with flowers that grow directly out of it’s trunk. It was the garden’s plant of the month. Looks weird. Despite the heat and humidity the gardens included a pretty herbaceous border.

And then of course, there are the vistas alongside the gardens which are spectacular.

We went from the gardens to a cafe opposite the naval shipyards. There was a swimming pool below us, one for adults and one for children, Sydneysiders like their water. I liked this ship.

It was very hot in the sunshine and there being not enough umbrellas, we were provided with sombreros.

After a terrific breakfast we walked the short distance to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Dutch Masters which I write about here.


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