We went to Ballarat for the week-end of 21-22 September. There was lots on. First up, Ballarat White Night. It was a particularly cold and wet night which was unfortunate, but perhaps added to the atmosphere. Although it may have sent us home a bit too early! Here are some pictures. Colourful animals along the median strip in Sturt Street. Including this gigantic frog or is it a toad, a la Toad of Toad Hall which is who he reminded me of.

And this emu could have stepped off the Australian coat of arms.

There were a lot of families with young children enjoying these, including this goanna.

I liked the long necked tortoise. And I think it’s a platypus above it.

Armstrong Street had these shapes lighting the middle of the road. I’m not sure what they were meant to be but they were colourful. I liked how people were able to get very close to all of the lit up things – there were security guards around but they didn’t interfere with peoples’ enjoyment. Here’s Joe demonstrating the size of one of the larger ones. Around this time we took time out to have dinner at Meigas . This is a terrific restaurant at 33 Armstrong Street South. Our second time there and just as good as the first. Serving traditional Spanish Cuisine and Tapas. Great food and great wine. Strongly recommended.

Out in the streets there were colourful projections on the lovely historic buildings in the city including the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. You can see a young woman doing ballet poses in front of it – for her mother’s picture. She was very graceful. The Town Hall was reviewing past decades with totemic images from each.

This one was a Harry Potter theme although its not quite clear from this picture.

The Federation Uni building that was previously the post office, was colourful.

Craigs Hotel had a message for us. Who knew our eyes are so busy!

The stately Mechanics Institute had a more discreet picture moving over it which was quite beautiful and in keeping with the dignity of the building itself which is dramatic enough.

There were a couple of moving things that were quite spectacular. This beast.

And this rocket man figure.

Who was preceded through the streets by women on segways.

There were plenty of people about but not so many that you couldn’t easily move around. And while it was freezing we were quite well rugged up. The rain was a nuisance and led to lots of people seeking refuge in the art gallery at different times. We seemed to avoid getting wet. Here’s a shot of the crowd. As I said the weather contributed to our going home a bit earlier than planned. On the way back we saw this orb, which was later sent skyward with an acrobat doing tricks whilst hanging off it.

These structures had intrigued us earlier in the evening. And on our way home we found them pulsating with colour and sound. Which was the result of people pounding on levers inside, so Joe had a go.

And from there it was bye bye Ballarat White Night.


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