On our second day in Ballarat on 21-22 September, we walked around the lake. This used to be a regular ritual during every visit to Ballarat but over the years we’ve got lazy! But this time I was keen to do it. Despite the freezing wind!

Lake Wendouree is an artificial lake. It’s name comes from a local aboriginal word wendaaree which means go away. Local legend is that this is what was said to an early settler when he asked the name of the natural swamp which the lake replaced in the 1850s. According to wikipedia the shore length is 6 kilometres but I think the walking track that has been made for those of us wanting to walk or run around it, is something less than that.

Anyway, on Sunday the 22nd out we stepped. Here’s Joe at the start.

I decided to get arty – we’d seen a photo like this at the foto biennale (slightly more artistic).

It was very windy as you can see from the direction of the water flowing from the fountain.

The lake was the fullest I’ve seen it for ages; lapping over the restored bluestone border (an early EIP program overseen by Joe in his younger days).

The swans remain a menace. This one was on the march and not to be deterred by walkers. From getting to a cosy spot in the grass beside the walking track.

It was windy but sunny, with sunshine reflecting off the boathouses on the far side.

The clouds were scudding past overhead.

I was taken by the trees as we continued on our trek.

I got a bit arty; would this look better upside down?

We came to Mary’s Mount – I’m afraid the school motto eludes me still.

Across the way at the rowing race finish line the sun was sparkling on the water.

So clear you’d be able to see fish, if there were any.

These two photos conjured up for me W.B.Yeats’ sedge, I’m not sure why.

I was too tired to linger in Fairyland and would have liked to rest at this kiosk.

But it was not to be. Onward we went until at last our waiting car was sighted, boarded and driven off, back to Melbourne.


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