Feminist. Existentialist. Reader. Film goer. Gourmand. Former public servant, political adviser, industrial officer, lawyer, community activist. Views here are all my own.


3 Responses to About

  1. Michael Bodey says:

    Jenny, if you are the Jenny Doran formerly of the ACTU, as appears clear, can you give me a call please?
    I’m a journalist with The Australian but would like to have a quick background chat about the Republican movement of the 1990s. Nothing sinister, just for a book I’m writing. You have my email and I can give you a call
    Michael Bodey

  2. John Hughes says:

    Dear Jenny,

    Like Michael (above) I’m writing to see if I might speak with you briefly for an historical research project. I’m in Brunswick and wonder if you might have time for coffee. I’m interested in your recollections of the ‘art and working life program’ and in particular a bicentennial film project the ACTU commissioned.
    with best wishes, JH (John Hughes)

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