On the 2nd of November we went down to Wallington to see our neighbour Annie’s paintings which were on display as part of the Northern Bellarine Arts Trail 2019. It’s a great initiative and given more time we would have visited some of the other artists, but we were taken up admiring Annie and Keith’s wonderful garden. We’ve been a few times now and love the different blooms. Sometimes I’d come home from work and find a bunch left on our front door stop. They are wonderful in vases, lasting for a long time. Here are some of their beautiful plants; proteas, banksias and other exotic things.

Keith tells us the individual names of each plant as we walk around, but I can’t remember them. Here is a glorious deep yellow bloom.

And these are funny furry things. Such delicate colours. They look like exotic caterpillars.

Flower doesn’t seem quite the right word for these plants which are so structural. And so exotic.

Sometimes the colours are subdued. But there are wonderful combinations.

At other times the colours are so vivid!

I love the starry look of this one.

And this brilliant red.

This one is an extraordinary shape.

These three are the pretty combination of pink and green.

This is another extraordinary looking thing – like a sea creature.

The seed pods are also great.

The leaves come in all sorts of different colours. These ones might look green but are silver in the breeze.

And these are the most amazing shape. You need a lot of space to show them off.

And here is a close up of a the leaves – doesn’t seem to be the right word – of my favourite Australian tree, the sheoak. There were lots of these in the mallee where I grew up. They make a beautiful whispering sound in the breeze.

It’s a massive place and an incredible amount of work to keep under control. In addition to these plants there is a big net covered orchard full of fruit trees and vegetables. I didn’t take any long shots that would show the extent of it. But here’s a picture of the beautiful pond, full of water on this visit, which is not always the case. What a lovely vista in a place full of lovely vistas.

And finally, back to the art show and Annie’s studio. I bought this beautiful painting of sunflowers.


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